Friday, January 28, 2011


Well I have been following this young man for some time now and he is not to be fkud with!! Fuze remains to be "one of my top up and came-but aint got the fame" phenoms. I am loving his music and this one was .As usual ........."BanGA". I love the way the music changes....pure genius! Yall better get on the ball or bounce!!! This song is called 6FOOT watch the video,follow him on twitter, look out for his music~!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Get your music on HD Short Films or License Your Beats and Music

Milonga rythmeImage via Wikipedia
At you can license your music,beats,or video material. There are also some opportunities available where actual film and music people need your music,beats,or video to use within their business and are willing to pay. Most submissions are free and some have fees such as $10 dollars. You are also able to upload your music. Some opps available are like this one from "SP&S, an award-winning London-based music communications agency and publisher who is looking to build relationships and business partnerships with truly exceptional new and established artists and music".

"Music Brief: Genre is not so important, but we’re always interested in great pop and rock songwriters and artists, dance music producers, and soundtrack composers. Its got to be music that is really, really good, compelling, outstanding, and recognized as such by many people (not just self-described). If you don’t think this describes your music, please don’t submit to this opportunity. Opportunity administered by Serve Music (please do not contact P&S)erve Music for one of their clients "

I believe that this is a great way for budding artist to get their talent in the rotation. Go to and check things out. Come back here and let me know how things go!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Nikki Minaj -Your Love Music Video (No Commercial) - Freestyle - Fuze Th...

Latest from an artist I digg!! Please feel free to comment. No the Video isnt BET material at this point but the rapping is flawless. Fuze!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Palms Place

Studio Suite from $115/night 600 sq ft with a living room and kitchen; Jetsetter rate includes daily breakfast buffet for two at the Palms
One-Bedroom Suite from $185/night 1,200 sq ft with a living room with fireplace, kitchen, multiple balconies, 1.5 bathrooms and washer/dryer; Jetsetter rate includes daily breakfast buffet for two at the Palms

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