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Mary J Blige Hood Love

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Palms Place

Studio Suite from $115/night 600 sq ft with a living room and kitchen; Jetsetter rate includes daily breakfast buffet for two at the Palms
One-Bedroom Suite from $185/night 1,200 sq ft with a living room with fireplace, kitchen, multiple balconies, 1.5 bathrooms and washer/dryer; Jetsetter rate includes daily breakfast buffet for two at the Palms

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Sean " Diddy Daddy" Party in Miami Friday July 23,2010!

Diddy doing what he does best! Throwing a Party! Are you going?

Party in Florida

Tampa, Florida Get Ready for Lil Jon,Cream,2Pistols!
follow @2pistols on twittter!

2 pistols

Monday, July 19, 2010

Drake and Game The Hunt for R.E.D. October

01. Bloody Trails (Introduction) [Produced By DJ Unexpected]02. Game - Straight Outta Compton Freestyle 
03. Game feat. Lil Wayne - All Red Everything
04. Game On Being A Blood (Interlude)
05. Game - Gangster
06. Game - I'll Find You
07. Game On The "R.E.D. Album" (Interlude)
08. Game feat. Robin Thicke - Phantom 
09. The 2009-10 NBA Champions, the Los Angeles Lakers (Interlude)
10. Game feat. Snoop Dogg & Robin Thicke - Hustlin' (Champions Anthem)
11. Game feat. Nu Jerzey Devil - For The Cameras
12. Game feat. T.I. & Robin Thicke - Pushin' It
13. Game feat. Dr. Dre - Here We Go Again 
14. Game On Working With Dr. Dre Again (Interlude)
15. Game feat. Mista Cane & Sean T - The Anthem
16. Game feat. Swizz Beatz, Cassidy & Lil Flip - State Your Name, Gangsta
17. Game On Hip-Hop (Interlude)
18. Game feat. Swizz Beatz & Cassidy - Aim Ya Guns
19. Game On His Legacy (Outro)
20. Drake - Aston Martin Music (Unreleased Verse)
21. Drake On Hip-Hop (Interlude)
22. Drake - Zone
23. Drake & 40 On Their Friendship & Music Relationship (Interlude)
24. Drake - Try Harder
25. Drake feat. Young Jeezy - Lose My Mind Remix
26. Drake - Mr. Slow Flow Freestyle
27. Drake On "All Things Fresh" and "October's Very Own" (Interlude)
28. Drake - Goodnite & Goodluck
29. Drake - King Leon
30. Drake - Can't Hide From Love Freestyle
31. Drake - Do What You Do (Original Version)
32. Drake - 9AM In Dallas 
33. Drake feat. Jay Z & Lil Wayne - Light Up (Rikers Remix)
34. Drake feat. Nipsey Hussle - Killer
35. My Name Is Aubrey "Drake" Graham (Outro)

Jay-Z and Green Lantern New Mixtape

DJ Green Lantern stands backstage, at The Orph...Image via Wikipedia

1. Intro
2. Advantage Carter [Produced By Green Lantern]
3. Welcome 2 Atlanta V103 feat. Young Jeezy & DJ Greg Street
4. Jay's Back ASAP
5. Live In London
6. Green Magic
7. Brooklyn Sound Boy
8. Child Abuse [Produced By Green Lantern]
9. Jay-Z Speaks On Green Lantern
10. Flashy Life
11. Got Me On My Shit [Produced By Green Lantern]
12. Pimp Stroll [Produced By Green Lantern] feat. Lil' Wayne & Dante Hawkins
13. Conspiracy Theory Freestyle
14. Sweet [Produced By Green Lantern]
15. Only 1 Hov Accapella
16. Can't Knock Da Hustle (Green Mix)
17. Good Old Days (Green Mix) feat. 2Pac & Styles P
18. Wishing On A Star (Green Mix) feat. 50 Cent, Freeway & N.O.R.E.
19. Who You With (Green Mix)
20. H.O.V.A. (Green Mix)
21. My Nigga Jigga (Green Mix)
22. Stuck In This Life (Green Mix)
23. This Shit Right Here (Live @ American Gangster Tour)
24. Dirt Off Ya Shoulder (Crunk Mix) feat. 50 Cent
25. Invasion Interlude
26. Home Of 9/11 [Produced By Green Lantern] feat. Cam'ronJuelz Santana
27. Life Of Party [Produced By Green Lantern]
28. Jay-Z Speaks w/ Green Lantern & Greg Street
29. Heart Of The City feat. Dante Hawkins (Live From Dublin)
30. Beautiful Hustle feat. 2Pac & Mary J. Blige
31. Fronting (Green Mix) feat. Loyd Banks, Rah Digga & Memphis Bleek
32. Top Down [Produced By Green Lantern] - Memphis Bleek
33. Barack Obama Speaks On Hip Hop
34. Lick A Shot (Yes We Can)
35. We Run This feat. Lil' Wayne & Rihanna
36. Marcy & They Shooting (Live In London) feat. Nas

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Go cop this @ now!


Tonight, Monday July 19th

The Key Club Presents
Jim Jones' Celebrity Birthday Bash
at the Gold Room 

Jermaine Dupri and Alex Gidewon host Atlanta's hottest Monday night experience; the Key Club. The Key Club at the Gold Room is your only Atlanta nightspot fused with trendsetting and the "Old Atlanta" nightlife. As always, the cocktails are cool, the dress code is fly, social set is Hollywood glamorous minus the pretentious attitude, and the energy is high. If you have yet to experience the Key Club at the Gold Room, then you do not want to miss this Monday.


The Key Club
"Where All the Key Influencers Meet"
The Gold Room
2416 Piedmont Rd NE., Atlanta, GA 30324
Monday, July 19th
Doors Open at 10pm
Ladies Free till Midnight
Open Bar till Midnight {FOR LADIES ONLY}
Dress Code Strictly Enforced!!!
Music by: Jermaine Dupri and Baby Yu


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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Budweiser Superfest Tickets - Budweiser Superfest Concert Tickets and Tour Dates | Official Live Nation Site.

Budweiser Superfest: Anthony Hamilton, Kem, Jaheim, Raheem Devaughn

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  Saturday July 17th @ Compound

The NFL Back To Camp Weekend Celebration with
Willis McGahee, Rock Cartwight, Gary Guyton,
Robert Royal & Jason Allen

Print this e-Mail pass for you and a guest
To Receive Free Entry Until Midnight Through General Admission or
VIP Admission: $20 each w/ e-Mail All Night

Dress code: Strictly Enforced

For more info.
go to: or call 404-874-4460 or call 404-898-1702

Party In ATL!

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#116 Black Music that Black People Don’t Listen to Anymore « Stuff White People Like


All music genres go through a very similar life cycle: birth, growth, mainstream acceptance, decline, and finally obscurity.  With black music, however, the final stage is never reached because white people are work tirelessly to keep it alive.  Apparently, once a music has lost its relevance with its intended audience, it becomes MORE relevant to white people.

Historically speaking, the music that white people have kept on life support for the longest period of time is Jazz.  Thanks largely to public radio, bookstores, and coffee shops, Jazz has carved out a niche in white culture that is not yet ready to be replaced by Indie Rock.  But the biggest role that Jazz plays in white culture is in the white fantasy of leisure. All white people believe that they prefer listening to jazz over watching television.  This is not true.

Every few a months, a white person will put on some Jazz and pour themselves a glass of wine or scotch and tell themselves how nice it is.  Then they will get bored and watch television or write emails to other white people about how nice it was to listen to Jazz at home.  “Last night, I poured myself a glass of Shiraz and put Charlie Parker on the Bose.  It was so relaxing, I wish I had a fireplace.”  Listing this activity as one of your favorites is a sure fire way to make progress towards a romantic relationship with a white person.

Along with Jazz, white people have also taken quite a shine to The Blues, an art form that captured the pain of the black experience in America.  Then, in the 1960s, a bunch of British bands started to play their own version of the music and white people have been loving it ever since.  It makes sense considering that the British were the ones who created The Blues in the 17th Century.

Today, white people keep The Blues going strong by taking vacations to Memphis, forming awkward bands, making documentaries, and organizing folk festivals.  Blue and Jazz music appeal mostly to older white people and select few young ones who probably wear fedoras.  But that doesn’t mean that young white people aren’t working hard to preserve music that has lost relevance.  No, there are literally thousands of white people who are giving their all to keep old school Hip Hop alive.

Even as you read this, white people are telling other white people about the golden age of Hip Hop that they experienced in a suburban high school or through a viewing of The Wackness.

If you are good at concealing laughter and contempt, you should ask a white person about “Real Hip Hop.”  They will quickly tell you about how they don’t listen to “Commercial Hip Hop” (aka music that black people actually enjoy), and that they much prefer “Classic Hip Hop.”

“I don’t listen to that commercial stuff. I’m more into the Real Hip Hop, you know?  KRS One, Del Tha Funkee Homosapien, De La Soul, Wu Tang, you know, The Old School.”

Calling this style of music ‘old school’ is considered an especially apt name since the majority of people who listen to it did so while attending old schools such as Dartmouth, Bard, and Williams College.

What it all comes down to is that white people are convinced that if they were alive when this music was relevant that they would have been into it.  They would have been Alan Lomax or Rick Rubin.  Now the best they can hope for is to impress an older black person with their knowledge.

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Ordinary People by Arrested Development is awesome

Let the white people like what they like!! My best friend is white…he drives a pick-up truck and is marry to an asian women.
Last time I spoke with him, he and the little woman were looking for a trailer to live in.
I am black by the way and my wife is a white woman. She can fry the best fried chicken in town. And, we are not rich, just every day folks.

actually im black and i DONT enjoy commercial hip hop. i think a lot of it is hood trash and noise with dumbass lyrics. older hip hop was good.

Very amazing article..Nice.Continue

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Saturday, July 10, 2010

ME Barcelona

The hotel lobby bar in Barcelona, Spain! Prices starting @ an unbelievable price of $95 per night! Isn't it time for a vacation? Here's an invitation to join Jetsetter, where you'll have access to the world's greatest travel experiences at members-only prices.

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Friday, July 9, 2010


Tonight, Friday, July 9th

  Velvet Room presents:
Grown & Sexy Fridays


Print this e-Mail pass for you and a guest
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VIP Admission: $20 each w/ e-Mail All Night

Dress code: Strictly Enforced

For more info.
go to: or call: 404-874-4460

If you are going to be in ATL this weekend!

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010


May 10 2010
Post has 25 notes



1.) The Groupie Hoe - These are pretty self explanatory. They tend to flock in herds. Celebs get to hump these chicks just because of who they are. Free p*ssy basically handed out. Most of them roam in a Zombie-like-Trance chasing men they will probably never have but they don’t care. Usually they have the mentality of a 12 year old school girl in love. Whether it be Twitter, Facebook, Myspace or REAL LIFE, they are EVERYWHERE. They are the Cockroaches of society. THEY WONT GO AWAY!

2.) The 1 Night Stand Hoe - The chick you meet at the club and usually lets someone f**k on the 1st night they meet. Alot of dudes pursue these kind of women cause there’s usually no attachment afterwards. You hump, maybe exchange numbers, part seperate ways and think to yourself, damn that was fire but super easy. She was a straight HOE.

3.) The Crew Hoe - The Crew hoe is a female that seems like shes trying so desperately hard to hang out with a certain group of homies. Usually she gets passed around from homie to homie (super gross) but doesnt really seem to care and still hangs out with em even though she KNOWS that they all know wassup.

4.) The Digital Hoe - The ones that send out nude pics to a bunch of different guys and somehow they end up finding out they have the same pic or risque videos. Usually Digital Hoes go in on #TwitterAfterDark and are SERIOUS. Sexting, Skype Sex, and TwitterSex everyone and eventually get humped by a bunch of different men she meets over the web. Twitter has alot of lowkey digital hoes they just dont know it…FACT

5.) The Undercover Hoe - The ones that you KNOWWWW are a hoe yet you are having trouble finding out evidence to prove this and they just remain in denial. Usually it could take months of determined investigation. These are tough but are EVERYWHERE. Also they usually expose themselves when they get drunk and start major “Decepticon Activities”. The truth always comes out under the influence (that chick that always makes out with everyone at parties)

6.) The Hustling Hoe - Women that use “The Power of the P*ssy” for money, car ride, food, material items etc…Pretty basic. Using the p*ssy power to pretty much get anything they want (Strippers are best at this as an example…No disrespect)

7.) The Messy Hoe - Off tops example, KAT STACKS. These are chicks that you f*ck and then RUN THEIR MOUTH TO THE WORLD ABOUT IT!!! Usually they try to blackmail a dude to get what she wants or in Kat Stacks case, become famous.

8.) The Virgin Hoe - Yes the VIRGIN hoe really exists. These are chicks that usually talk the talk but never necessarily seem to walk the walk. Virgin hoes will tell guys they got the business or the sex is bomb but dont really put out aka “THE BIG TEASE”. Usually they put up a front about how they really get down and just lie forever playing the innocent role. Yeah right… (usually they give out the most HEAD without actual penetration intercourse)

9.) The Cheating Hoe - Pretty self explanatory also. The chick that has a man but clearly dont give a f*ck and is humping another dude on the low. It happens more than what people realize. As long as they dont get caught, they continue. These are usually the females that end up making 2 men fight and ALWAYS have a cloud of drama surrounding them. 

10.) The Oblivious Hoe - better known as “Dumb Hoes”. This is the girl that pretty much fits in most of the previous categories i just listed except she really has NO CLUE of her “Hoelike Nature”. Total airhead lost in space and just continues her ways. Generally these are the chicks that get taken advantage of, get ran thru, or fall in love with a guy that clearly is just using her for sex whenever he wants it from her.

last but not least we have………

11.) The Denial Hoe - The chick that KNOWS what she is, she KNOWS how she gets down, she KNOWS everyone knows about her, and even KNOWS when she’s clearly been caught. Yet she still has the audacity to say “I don’t know what your talking about!! Thats not me. Stop lying about me!! WHATEVER!! >=O ” ………….so annoying (usually thats most of all of them wrapped in 1)



I think I personally know ALL these "Garden Utensils"! LOL

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The Game Happens Here

MY two teams together!

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Rachel Fine - The Official Rachel Fine Website

Review coming soon from Rachel Fine! Watch for it!

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Monday, July 5, 2010

Dear Drake, Are You a Singer or a Rapper?

Is Drake a rapper or a singer? Abrey Graham aka Drake is a hip hop artist by trade. He does both undeniably well, which may lead to why some people doubt or question Drake's role as a rapper. Is Drake the first rapper who has also pulled off the role of singer also? You can't deny that he is holding down both roles because he has radio rotation, record sales, and billboard slots to vouching for him. Drakes current album,"Thank Me Later", was released on June 15,2010. Drakes album failed to achieve the 1 million copies sold that his camp was expecting for the first week but did capture about 55% to 60% of that goal. Drake currently has four songs on Billboard Top 100 for the week of July 10th, 2010 so I think that Drake is good to go. Drake is signed to Aspire/Young Money/Cash Money Records and has all publishing rights to his music on top of getting a 2 million dollar advance and retaining 75% of music sales revenue from his label.

I hadn't paid much attention to the fact that Drake was actually singing hooks in his songs until it was brought to my attention and I dismissed the notion.After thoroughly examining songs by Drake I determined that Drake was singing the hooks and rapping!

I don't think that the average rapper was taking Drake seriously until he took over and scrambled all the radio waves in the air! Lol. Drake is very smart or he has a whole lot of smart people advising him.

In the song "Fancy" featuring T.I. and Swizz Beats, Drake states: don't do it for the man, the man never notice, do it for yourself, u the f*cking codecs!
Codecs are often designed to emphasize certain aspects of the media, or their use, to be encoded. For example, a digital video (using a DV codec) of a sports event, such as baseball or soccer, needs to encode motion well but not necessarily exact colors, while a video of an art exhibit needs to perform well encoding color and surface texture.
Codex Sinaiticus is one of the most important books in the world!

 If you don't get that let me explain!(you have the power)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Rap Music is a Business.....Man!

NEW YORK - JANUARY 28:  (L-R) Dr. Benjamin Cha...Image by Getty Images via @daylife
Rap music is a phenomenal business. Some people forget that it is a business and think that it is about money, clothes, and bling! The biggest rappers such as JayZ, 50 Cent, and Russell Simmons usually make a empire  from the music. Newer rappers like Lil Wayne,Drake and Young Money are getting their fair share of fame.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Ne-Yo So You Think You Can Dance Beautiful Monster

Ne-Yo performed his new single "Beautiful Monster" live on "So You Think You Can Dance" recently. Ne-Yo's Album Libra Scale is due out September 20,2010. This was his first Brooklyn show on July 1st, 2010.
Just in case you didn't see the show here it is:

More New Music Releases For July

Flesh Tone
Fresh N UP

VMA 2010! Will Lil Mama Return?

Sept 2009 Lil Mama went on stage during JayZ and Alicia Keys appearance for "Empire State of Mind".
After the crash stunt that Lil Mama pulled at VMA 2009 do you think that she will show up for VMA 2010? The VMA's will be relocating back to the west coast to Los Angeles for 2010 with no unveiling of where it is to be held at this time.

Below in the first video Lil Wayne and Bow Wow are discussing the incident and it is very amusing!
The second video is Jay and Alicia at VMA.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Upcoming Releases from Def Jam 2010

Coming Soon from Def Jam Artists
Def Jam has a busy year planned and a lot of album drops. Here is a list of everyone dropping for the rest of the year. Enjoy!

JRZZ (Pronounced Ja rizz)

JRZZ (Pronounced Ja rizz)

Jrzz_ From New York, At New York. Vado Is Hot Right Now! And The Things I see around me influence my rhymes!

Check out all the Hot tracks by Jrzz on the ipod below!