Friday, July 2, 2010

Ne-Yo So You Think You Can Dance Beautiful Monster

Ne-Yo performed his new single "Beautiful Monster" live on "So You Think You Can Dance" recently. Ne-Yo's Album Libra Scale is due out September 20,2010. This was his first Brooklyn show on July 1st, 2010.
Just in case you didn't see the show here it is:

More New Music Releases For July

Flesh Tone
Fresh N UP

VMA 2010! Will Lil Mama Return?

Sept 2009 Lil Mama went on stage during JayZ and Alicia Keys appearance for "Empire State of Mind".
After the crash stunt that Lil Mama pulled at VMA 2009 do you think that she will show up for VMA 2010? The VMA's will be relocating back to the west coast to Los Angeles for 2010 with no unveiling of where it is to be held at this time.

Below in the first video Lil Wayne and Bow Wow are discussing the incident and it is very amusing!
The second video is Jay and Alicia at VMA.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Upcoming Releases from Def Jam 2010

Coming Soon from Def Jam Artists
Def Jam has a busy year planned and a lot of album drops. Here is a list of everyone dropping for the rest of the year. Enjoy!

JRZZ (Pronounced Ja rizz)

JRZZ (Pronounced Ja rizz)

Jrzz_ From New York, At New York. Vado Is Hot Right Now! And The Things I see around me influence my rhymes!

Check out all the Hot tracks by Jrzz on the ipod below!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hip Hop is the Throw Away Culture

Throw away? "Hip Hop takes No real talent ,just put things together"  is a statement made by Diplo during this slight bio about him and music..

I was appalled when I heard the blatant lack of respect for the skill! Am I over reacting?

If certified hip hop heads like KRS was to get a hold of this video I'm sure that there would be a problem! I know that Diplo is just trying to find a way to explain what hip hop is but what he said is not it! If  he gets a chance he needs to clarify what he was trying to say pronto!

Who the Fuk is Kat Stacks?

Who is Kat Stacks? We can ask the rap industry apparently!

Omg, why do y'all MEN keep giving these opportunistic groupies the chance to slander y'all names?

This chick is allover the web giving out penis sizes and personal phone numbers! She isn't all that so I hope you got your money's worth out of her services.

Well, well, well: Miss Kat Stacks (government name listed below) I would just like to give you your props for getting that money! You getting infamous money(by the way is money nonetheless) you getting your name in the streets, you getting book deals.....dayumm the list goes on. I hope you were wearing protection though!I have nothing but love for you and your game....I wouldn't knock any hustle I haven't tried!

If you haven't seen the videos yet check them out here:

This is Kat Stacks exposed and on probation until July 1st this year apparently. Well Miss Stacks get yourself together chica'!

Kat Stacks goes on to say that Young Money is really "young money" meaning that they are not very well off financially and that they are roommates! Everyone except Wayne! For more information from Kat Stacks find her on where she encourages everyone who loves her to be her twitter friend!
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JCole Tonight and You Can Go Free NYC

JCole the NC bred rapper on the Roc label with hits such as "Who Dat" and 16 bars with JayZ on the BP3 album in the song "A Star Is Born". Will be in NYC for the taping of The Grey Goose Rising Icons performance.
 You must be 25 or older and live in the NYC area. Must arrive at the location by 3:45 PM, doors open at 4:30 PM. This is a televised event, therefore NO LOGOS. Trendy, fashionable and neat are a requirement, casual attire. Send over your RSVP to to attend. *NOTE: EARLY ARRIVAL IS HIGHLY SUGGESTED! AN RSVP DOES NOT GUARANTEE ENTRY*. See below for location! Address: Hiro Ballroom ( The Maritime Hotel) 88th 9th Avenue Bet. 16th and 17th Street

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Beanie Sigel Still Has Beef with JayZ

Apparently Beanie Sigel is pissed about something! I don't know if its publicity to keep his name out there or what. Beanie continues to whine about his dislike for JayZ and anyone who allows JayZ to drop subliminal messages about him in their raps.

 Beanie has been in a lot of trouble and he is saying that JayZ didn't take responsibility for him while he was awaiting trial for the murder rap back in 2006. I'm sure that Jay's reasoning is based on the fact that he could not control what Bean's did out in the street! If you on all kind of narcotics without a prescription and drinking then I wouldn't vouch for your ass either!

I'm just saying if you take responsibility for this grown man and he go out and do something stupid that is your money and your reputation. Come on now Beans you need to get over that ish because its over! As far as Bean's going after Drake.....he crossed into a whole different music family. Drake is signed to Cash Money and that's all I'm going to say about that.

Really though I heard that Beans was mad at the fact that Jay signed Jadakiss!?!...

Thats my R.I.P.!

Big shout out to @mrcoconutsacs ! muah!

The Baddest B*tch Speaks on the Barbie Beef

Trina candidly talks about the Lil Kim/Nicki Minaj beef and really just thinks that Lil Kim is the icon and that Nicki is the "now new" and that they should just respect each others positions in the game and just make music if their is no validity to their beef. Nicki Minaj openly admits to being bi-sexual. She is all over the radio right now doing her 16 bars in remixes and building her fan base. Nicki has been around the rap scene since maybe 2004. Right now Nicki is signed with Lil Wayne and his music family. Some question whether Nicki really has talent or if she is just "show and tell"!

Please don't hate on the statement i'm about to make: but to me they sound alike with the way they rap! Take a Kim verse and play it along with a Minaj verse and they sound very,very similar. I don't know if Minaj writes her own material but one of my readers stated that she was lip syncing at the BET AWARDS!?!

 Well she really doesn't have any outstanding rap lyrical skills in my opinion.

1.Minaj is great to look at
2.something to fantasize about for the women and the men
3.and someone who has nothing to lose as far as getting herself known.

That's my R.I.P.!

Feel free to comment.....muah!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Cisco Intern Poised to Become Viral Rap Star [VIDEO]

Okay this 21 year old Cisco Intern is having fun at work! But does he have a chance at a rap deal? I asked him Did he think he could make MTV top ten and i'm waiting for his reply. He said that he used to belong to a hip/hop band at college that didnt do too well. Leave your comments please!

Here is some of the lyrics to the intern rap
:Cisco Systems intern, California resident,
I just staffed a pretty cool event with the President
Of RUSSIA…day 8 on the job and I just saw the President
Of RUSSIA…maaaan I bet you never ever ever got a chance to see the President of RUSSIA!
Okay, here we go:
I’m courteous and affable, my name badge is retractable
You other interns laughable, your thermos must be half as full.
I’m 6’7” staffable, you can’t find giraffes this tall,
I’m known to play some basketball, or finish office tasks on call.
When I rap I have to win, I’m in the break room back again with
Notebooks, stacks of pens, soundin’ off these acronyms:
VPN, CEO, I’m soundin’ like C-3PO.
2 things that you need to know: I’m always clean and never late,
I’m known to rock a cubicle and show my face 

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Release Of The Week: The-Dream |

Release Of The Week: The-Dream |

The Dream album drop is 6/29/10 are you going to cop this? WHY?
This is The Dream's last third solo album. The hit Make-up Bag is one of my faves with the T.I. addition. When I first heard the song I thought that they were talking about a makeup(cosmetics) bag! Lol! I then figured out that the song was actually talking about a dude being in the doghouse with his girl and he would have to buy a handbag to makeup....hence the "make-up" bag. They arent talking about cheap bags they are talking about some Gucci,Hermes,etc...This is a real smoothed out but snappy beat song. Here is a bonus song from the upcoming album LOVE KING go out and cop the album!
Take Care of Me by The Dream

JayZ and Beanie Sigel ...Got Beef?

Yo if I hear one more time that JayZ worships the devil i'm going to go insane! So did KISS! LOL

 But anyway I wanna voice my opinion (backed by facts) about the JayZ-Beanie Sigel beef!

 First of all Jay is a business man. Beanie stated back in 2006 that he was leaving Roc because he "didn't want to choose between Dash and HOV". Ok he left the Roc willingly! Second of all Dwight Grant aka Beanie Sigel has been in fed/prison trouble for four years prior to his leaving the Roc.
2003 murder attempt,
2004 fed time for gun charge(one year),
2005 Stepfather murdered after he is acquitted of murder---he was shot numerous times and set on fire,
2006 Beans was shot,
2008 Beans back to prison(?) for SIX positive urine tests!

Okay contrary to popular belief....the rap industry is a business not all money, sex and hoes! JayZ was running a business, would you let one of your homies put in jeopardy what you worked most of your adult life to get?
When he was on house arrest who paid for Beanie's court costs,appearances and lawyers? Hmmmm! Was he putting out any albums that sold well? Hmmm! Ok this is my opinion and I would like to hear what you have to say! G-A-M-E (get at me easy)

Oh by the way JayZ has The Hits Collection Vol 1 coming out on June 29,2010 cop that!

I Know | Videos | Jay-Z | Artists | Roc-A-Fella | Island Def Jam

The Top FIve Songs On My List

The top five songs on my list for today June 26, 2010.
1.Lullaby-Fuze The MC
2.Ready-Alicia Keys Remix with Drake
3.I Like-Jeremih
4.Love King-The Dream
5.There Goes My Baby-Usher

What are YOUR top five songs? Let me know and you could have your list here!