Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Who the Fuk is Kat Stacks?

Who is Kat Stacks? We can ask the rap industry apparently!

Omg, why do y'all MEN keep giving these opportunistic groupies the chance to slander y'all names?

This chick is allover the web giving out penis sizes and personal phone numbers! She isn't all that so I hope you got your money's worth out of her services.

Well, well, well: Miss Kat Stacks (government name listed below) I would just like to give you your props for getting that money! You getting infamous money(by the way is money nonetheless) you getting your name in the streets, you getting book deals.....dayumm the list goes on. I hope you were wearing protection though!I have nothing but love for you and your game....I wouldn't knock any hustle I haven't tried!

If you haven't seen the videos yet check them out here:

This is Kat Stacks exposed and on probation until July 1st this year apparently. Well Miss Stacks get yourself together chica'!

Kat Stacks goes on to say that Young Money is really "young money" meaning that they are not very well off financially and that they are roommates! Everyone except Wayne! For more information from Kat Stacks find her on where she encourages everyone who loves her to be her twitter friend!
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