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May 10 2010
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1.) The Groupie Hoe - These are pretty self explanatory. They tend to flock in herds. Celebs get to hump these chicks just because of who they are. Free p*ssy basically handed out. Most of them roam in a Zombie-like-Trance chasing men they will probably never have but they don’t care. Usually they have the mentality of a 12 year old school girl in love. Whether it be Twitter, Facebook, Myspace or REAL LIFE, they are EVERYWHERE. They are the Cockroaches of society. THEY WONT GO AWAY!

2.) The 1 Night Stand Hoe - The chick you meet at the club and usually lets someone f**k on the 1st night they meet. Alot of dudes pursue these kind of women cause there’s usually no attachment afterwards. You hump, maybe exchange numbers, part seperate ways and think to yourself, damn that was fire but super easy. She was a straight HOE.

3.) The Crew Hoe - The Crew hoe is a female that seems like shes trying so desperately hard to hang out with a certain group of homies. Usually she gets passed around from homie to homie (super gross) but doesnt really seem to care and still hangs out with em even though she KNOWS that they all know wassup.

4.) The Digital Hoe - The ones that send out nude pics to a bunch of different guys and somehow they end up finding out they have the same pic or risque videos. Usually Digital Hoes go in on #TwitterAfterDark and are SERIOUS. Sexting, Skype Sex, and TwitterSex everyone and eventually get humped by a bunch of different men she meets over the web. Twitter has alot of lowkey digital hoes they just dont know it…FACT

5.) The Undercover Hoe - The ones that you KNOWWWW are a hoe yet you are having trouble finding out evidence to prove this and they just remain in denial. Usually it could take months of determined investigation. These are tough but are EVERYWHERE. Also they usually expose themselves when they get drunk and start major “Decepticon Activities”. The truth always comes out under the influence (that chick that always makes out with everyone at parties)

6.) The Hustling Hoe - Women that use “The Power of the P*ssy” for money, car ride, food, material items etc…Pretty basic. Using the p*ssy power to pretty much get anything they want (Strippers are best at this as an example…No disrespect)

7.) The Messy Hoe - Off tops example, KAT STACKS. These are chicks that you f*ck and then RUN THEIR MOUTH TO THE WORLD ABOUT IT!!! Usually they try to blackmail a dude to get what she wants or in Kat Stacks case, become famous.

8.) The Virgin Hoe - Yes the VIRGIN hoe really exists. These are chicks that usually talk the talk but never necessarily seem to walk the walk. Virgin hoes will tell guys they got the business or the sex is bomb but dont really put out aka “THE BIG TEASE”. Usually they put up a front about how they really get down and just lie forever playing the innocent role. Yeah right… (usually they give out the most HEAD without actual penetration intercourse)

9.) The Cheating Hoe - Pretty self explanatory also. The chick that has a man but clearly dont give a f*ck and is humping another dude on the low. It happens more than what people realize. As long as they dont get caught, they continue. These are usually the females that end up making 2 men fight and ALWAYS have a cloud of drama surrounding them. 

10.) The Oblivious Hoe - better known as “Dumb Hoes”. This is the girl that pretty much fits in most of the previous categories i just listed except she really has NO CLUE of her “Hoelike Nature”. Total airhead lost in space and just continues her ways. Generally these are the chicks that get taken advantage of, get ran thru, or fall in love with a guy that clearly is just using her for sex whenever he wants it from her.

last but not least we have………

11.) The Denial Hoe - The chick that KNOWS what she is, she KNOWS how she gets down, she KNOWS everyone knows about her, and even KNOWS when she’s clearly been caught. Yet she still has the audacity to say “I don’t know what your talking about!! Thats not me. Stop lying about me!! WHATEVER!! >=O ” ………….so annoying (usually thats most of all of them wrapped in 1)



I think I personally know ALL these "Garden Utensils"! LOL

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