Saturday, June 26, 2010

Who is FuzeThe MC?

Fuze The MC, born Lance Coleman is currently a Howard University student and musical artist. He has three mixalbums that are currently in rotation, one dropping every year since 2008. Listening to Fuze takes me back to when hiphop was "fresh" and everyone wasn't trying to sell a club banger but was trying to put out great music for their audience.

I'm so feeling the vibe that this music puts off: somewhere lost between A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul mixed with some Keith Murray. The delivery of the verses are flawless. He is confident in his skill.

The current mixalbum simply titled Stereo Typical Music is anything but typical. "Say Grace" is a beat-clap- beat song and it is bangin'. "Determination" is my joint! If you like "Ambition" by JayZ then you will love "Determination" because "life is just a cycle". Fuze The MC is a very good lyricist as show cased in  "Feels Like" which rounds out my thoughts about the ability of this unsigned blood diamond! All this conflict to have talent this beautiful has to be a blessing. If Fuze The MC is a sample of what the future of hiphop holds then hiphop has been resuscitated.

Fuze The MC will have a fourth mixalbum coming out this fall and I urge anyone with the power to make things happen to jump on the opportunity to sign some young, polished talent. The Fuze has been lit! Who will carry the torch? is a song off of the upcoming album but you didnt get it from me! Leaked song "lullaby"

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