Friday, June 25, 2010

Drakes new album "Thank Me Later"

I'm thoroughly enjoying Drake's new album. I somehow get that "JayZ" feeling listening past the music and to the man behind it. I think that Drake will be around for awhile. And for all those people who questioned if he could live up to the hype of his mixtapes doing well way ahead of his album; I guess they have their answer! Drake's album is phenom.

Ok, some things that I was a little worried about as the album spun off for me to listen to was a certain drawl that seemed to initiate the beginning of a couple of songs "Karaoke","Show Me a Good Time", and "Up All Night". "Over" dropped right on time to break up the strange drawl and give me something to vibe off of while dipping in and out of traffic feeling a spark of energy. "Unforgettable" and "Miss Me" added to the Drake high! "Find Your Love" is already on heavy rotation across the world and my three year old niece is singing this song on a regular basis! Keep up the good work Drake! Oh by the way thanks Canada!

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