Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Baddest B*tch Speaks on the Barbie Beef

Trina candidly talks about the Lil Kim/Nicki Minaj beef and really just thinks that Lil Kim is the icon and that Nicki is the "now new" and that they should just respect each others positions in the game and just make music if their is no validity to their beef. Nicki Minaj openly admits to being bi-sexual. She is all over the radio right now doing her 16 bars in remixes and building her fan base. Nicki has been around the rap scene since maybe 2004. Right now Nicki is signed with Lil Wayne and his music family. Some question whether Nicki really has talent or if she is just "show and tell"!

Please don't hate on the statement i'm about to make: but to me they sound alike with the way they rap! Take a Kim verse and play it along with a Minaj verse and they sound very,very similar. I don't know if Minaj writes her own material but one of my readers stated that she was lip syncing at the BET AWARDS!?!

 Well she really doesn't have any outstanding rap lyrical skills in my opinion.

1.Minaj is great to look at
2.something to fantasize about for the women and the men
3.and someone who has nothing to lose as far as getting herself known.

That's my R.I.P.!

Feel free to comment.....muah!

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