Monday, June 28, 2010

Cisco Intern Poised to Become Viral Rap Star [VIDEO]

Okay this 21 year old Cisco Intern is having fun at work! But does he have a chance at a rap deal? I asked him Did he think he could make MTV top ten and i'm waiting for his reply. He said that he used to belong to a hip/hop band at college that didnt do too well. Leave your comments please!

Here is some of the lyrics to the intern rap
:Cisco Systems intern, California resident,
I just staffed a pretty cool event with the President
Of RUSSIA…day 8 on the job and I just saw the President
Of RUSSIA…maaaan I bet you never ever ever got a chance to see the President of RUSSIA!
Okay, here we go:
I’m courteous and affable, my name badge is retractable
You other interns laughable, your thermos must be half as full.
I’m 6’7” staffable, you can’t find giraffes this tall,
I’m known to play some basketball, or finish office tasks on call.
When I rap I have to win, I’m in the break room back again with
Notebooks, stacks of pens, soundin’ off these acronyms:
VPN, CEO, I’m soundin’ like C-3PO.
2 things that you need to know: I’m always clean and never late,
I’m known to rock a cubicle and show my face 

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