Sunday, June 27, 2010

JayZ and Beanie Sigel ...Got Beef?

Yo if I hear one more time that JayZ worships the devil i'm going to go insane! So did KISS! LOL

 But anyway I wanna voice my opinion (backed by facts) about the JayZ-Beanie Sigel beef!

 First of all Jay is a business man. Beanie stated back in 2006 that he was leaving Roc because he "didn't want to choose between Dash and HOV". Ok he left the Roc willingly! Second of all Dwight Grant aka Beanie Sigel has been in fed/prison trouble for four years prior to his leaving the Roc.
2003 murder attempt,
2004 fed time for gun charge(one year),
2005 Stepfather murdered after he is acquitted of murder---he was shot numerous times and set on fire,
2006 Beans was shot,
2008 Beans back to prison(?) for SIX positive urine tests!

Okay contrary to popular belief....the rap industry is a business not all money, sex and hoes! JayZ was running a business, would you let one of your homies put in jeopardy what you worked most of your adult life to get?
When he was on house arrest who paid for Beanie's court costs,appearances and lawyers? Hmmmm! Was he putting out any albums that sold well? Hmmm! Ok this is my opinion and I would like to hear what you have to say! G-A-M-E (get at me easy)

Oh by the way JayZ has The Hits Collection Vol 1 coming out on June 29,2010 cop that!

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