Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Beanie Sigel Still Has Beef with JayZ

Apparently Beanie Sigel is pissed about something! I don't know if its publicity to keep his name out there or what. Beanie continues to whine about his dislike for JayZ and anyone who allows JayZ to drop subliminal messages about him in their raps.

 Beanie has been in a lot of trouble and he is saying that JayZ didn't take responsibility for him while he was awaiting trial for the murder rap back in 2006. I'm sure that Jay's reasoning is based on the fact that he could not control what Bean's did out in the street! If you on all kind of narcotics without a prescription and drinking then I wouldn't vouch for your ass either!

I'm just saying if you take responsibility for this grown man and he go out and do something stupid that is your money and your reputation. Come on now Beans you need to get over that ish because its over! As far as Bean's going after Drake.....he crossed into a whole different music family. Drake is signed to Cash Money and that's all I'm going to say about that.

Really though I heard that Beans was mad at the fact that Jay signed Jadakiss!?!...

Thats my R.I.P.!

Big shout out to @mrcoconutsacs ! muah!

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